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600W DC48V 8.33A 400W open frame medical power supply for IVD Rehabilitation therapy instrument ACMS600

The 600W open medical power supply for IVD rehabilitation therapy equipment, with output power of DC48V and 8.33A, has several key advantages. Its high power capacity makes it suitable for powering a wide range of medical equipment, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. The open frame design provides flexibility for integration into a variety of medical devices, while its specific compatibility with IVD (in vitro diagnostic) and rehabilitation therapy instrumentation makes it the ideal power solution for these critical healthcare applications. The ACMS600 power supply is designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical environments, providing reliable, efficient power for essential medical equipment.

    Output Characteristics

    Model Dutput Voltag Putput    Curren Output     Power
    ACMS600-120 12V 26.80A 320.40W
    ACMS600-135 13.5V 26.80A 360.50W
    ACMS600-150 15V 26.80A 402W
    ACMS600-168 16.8V 23.80A 400W
    ACMS600-180 18V 22.20A 400W
    ACMS600-19 19V 21.00A 400W
    ACMS600-200 20V 20.00A 400W
    ACMS600-240 24V 16.70A 400.80W
    ACMS600-280 28V 14.30A 400W
    ACMS600-320 32V 12.50A 400W
    ACMS600-360 36V 11.11A 400W
    ACMS600-480 48V 8.33A 400W


    The ACMS600, a 600W open frame medical power supply with a power output of DC48V and 8.33A, is specifically designed for use in a variety of medical applications. Its high power capacity and open frame design make it suitable for powering a wide range of medical devices, particularly those used in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Rehabilitation therapy instruments. The ACMS600 power supply is an essential component for ensuring the reliable and uninterrupted operation of vital medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.


    1. Are samples available?
    We are pleased to offer samples for customers to verify the quality of our products.
    2. Can I visit your factory?
    Our factory is situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. We extend a warm welcome to friends from around the world to visit our facility and discuss potential cooperation at their convenience.
    3. Do you have an R&D department?
    Yes, our R&D department comprises over 30 professionals. We are capable of designing medical power supplies based on our customers' specific requirements.
    4. With which overseas customers do you primarily cooperate?
    Our main overseas customers are located in the United States, Germany, France, Japan, and other countries.
    5. Can you provide 3D design renderings?
    We offer 3D design services, which are subject to a fee. Upon confirmation of the order, this fee can be deducted from the total order payment.
    6. Do you possess a third-party factory inspection report?
    Our company holds an SGS factory inspection report.
    7. What is your delivery time frame?
    Our delivery time typically ranges from 15 to 40 days.